NWA 2019
Vote HERE for one of these weekend:
Feb 22-24, or Mar 1-3, or Mar 8-10

   # of Yes = TBD
   # of No = TBD (* Let me know if you can video conf. in for the Meeting though)
   # still haven't heard from = TBD

Christo, Dimitri
Christo, Elias
Christo, Jim
Lampros, Chad
Lydotes, James
Lydotes, Manny
Morakis, Anthony
Morakis, Jake

Morakis, Jay
Morakis, Juju
Morakis, UJ
Morakis, Lee
Morakis, Todd
Pursley, Peter
Stamoulis, Todd
Stamoulis, Evan
Stamoulis, Paul
Wolfe, Bob
Wolfe, Alex

Provisional Invitations:

Christo, Aaron
Christo, Noah

Stamoulis, Louis